Landing Gear Lube Goalie Pad Wax

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Heart & Hustle have a new ally with Filthy Mitts Co. Landing Gear Lube.

Our landing gear lube is scientifically researched and goalie tested. Comprised of a hydrophobic wax blend emulsified with an all-natural anionic oil, this pad wax will help you slide better and keep your pads looking great longer.

How does it work?

As a goalie plays, the sliding surface - AKA landing gear - develops micro abrasions. These micro abrasions create a rougher surface area that creates more friction and can lead to water absorption. It doesn't matter if it is leather, JenPro, Speedskin, or any other material, our Landing Gear Lube will help seal those micro abrasions and condition & refinish the surface. The hydrophobic and anionic properties will help manage and repel moisture between the surface of the pad and the ice, reducing friction and making sliding easier.

How to apply:

Using Filthy Mitts Co. Landing Gear Lube is simple. Push the wax up from the tube and rub it across the sliding surface of each leg pad. We recommend the pads being room temperature or warm to help it spread more smooth and consistently, but this is not required. To help make sure you have an even coating, use a soft cloth to buff any excess wax into the pads. Re-apply every 4-6 hours of use or as needed.