#GoRogue with Rogue Panda Apparel Company

\ ˈfil-thē ˈmits \

Filthy Mitts is for the snipers, danglers, and bar down celebrators. The crispy with the rock twine rippers and the long range howitzers. The leather flashing goal thieves and home run robbers.

At Filthy Mitts Co. we know you crave apparel and accessories that can go from the locker room to out on the town without skipping a beat. We strive to provide you with the best tees, hoodies, athletic apparel, and accessories you need and want to take your game to the next level, whatever that is.


In early 2019, after many conversations regarding athletic apparel and jersey orders, owner Amanda Carlson had a light bulb moment: a new sports-centric lifestyle brand.

Officially launched in February of 2020, Filthy Mitts Co. caters to hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and softball, however, the quirky and inspirational designs reach an audience far beyond the rink and field boundaries.

Filthy Mitts Co. is truly a sports brand for everyone who wants to work hard and play hard no matter where they are.

#GoRogue with Rogue Panda Apparel Company


Our elite line of apparel and accessories are made from the finest quality materials and meet our high standards for performance and durability. All of our apparel products are printed on-demand and shipped straight to your door from a limited list of highly vetted printing partners. Our accessories come from the best vendors around the globe and our waxes are all handcrafted in Canonsburg, PA.

With our brand-first approach, we focus our products on the ideals that keep you working hard and playing hard. From the rink, field, or diamond to out on the town, our exclusive branded apparel and accessories will have you looking as good as you play... or better!


At Filthy Mitts Co. we have a design and/or product for everyone. Our customers are family and we want to keep it that way. From the first timers to the repeat customers, our goal is always to make the customer #1. It’s their lifestyle; we make it happen.


Filthy Mitts Co. believes that everyone who wants to play should be supported and have the opportunity to play. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the top team or the bottom, the best player or on the bubble, you should be supported the same, coached the same, and have the same opportunities. Every player that wants to play should know that THEY CAN PLAY.

Because of this philosophy, Filthy Mitts Co. has provided a variety of sponsorships from offsetting the cost of jerseys for a women’s travel hockey team in Pittsburgh to providing water bottles and face masks to keep a youth hockey team safe and healthy, with more sponsorships and donations to come.